[Property Settings] Creating a Rate Plan
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This guide explains the steps to create a rate plan in the [Admin Console] -> [Property List] -> [Channel Manager] -> [Rate Plan] -> [Add a Rate Plan]. If there are multiple rate plans available on the OTA side, it is necessary to add corresponding rate plans in AirHost as well.


Creating a Rate Plan

Note: A default rate type is automatically created.

For accommodations typically used for vacation rentals, one rate plan is usually sufficient. Adjustments for high-season rates, such as during the Golden Week or year-end/New Year holidays, can be made within the same rate plan's calendar.

If you wish to set prices linked to other rate plans (e.g., a room-only plan and a breakfast included plan), when creating an additional rate type, select "Link to another rate plan" and set the differential amount.

Steps to create a rate plan:

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