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[Corporate Contract Management] Setting and Managing Corporate Contracts
[Corporate Contract Management] Setting and Managing Corporate Contracts
Written by Takashi Obatake
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Utilizing the corporate contract feature allows for the creation of corporate bookings, issuance of invoices for specified periods, and management of receipt records.

I will explain the procedure.


Adding a Corporate Contract You can add a corporate contract via [Management Console][CRM Management][Corporate Contracts].

Please refer to the following video for the procedure:

Creating Corporate Bookings

When creating a reservation via [Dashboard][Check-in Management / Reservation Calendar], specifying a corporate contract will automatically reflect the accommodation charges on the corporate invoice.

The procedure for specifying a corporate contract during reservation creation is shown in the following video:

Issuing Invoices and Recording Receipts

Invoices can be issued from [Management Console][Accounting][Corporate Invoices].

The procedure for creating an invoice is outlined in the following video:

After receiving payment, record the invoice as received.

The procedure is detailed in the following video:

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