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This section explains the "Messages" page on the dashboard. On this page, you can send and receive messages with guests. (For settings related to automatic sending of messages, please check here.)


Checking Messages:

You can check messages from guests.

The messages displayed include:

  • Messages sent by the automatic message system (shown as sender "BOT")

  • Messages sent from AirHost ONE to guests

  • Private notes sent from AirHost ONE for internal use

  • Messages received from guests

※ Messages from OTAs cannot be received.

Sender, message content, sending date, and method of sending are displayed.

Alongside each guest's message list, their accommodation information is also displayed.

By clicking on the reservation number in blue, you can also display the reservation details.

If you want to change the email address of the guest to whom you are sending, click the pencil icon to edit.

Sending Messages:

You can send messages to guests.

  1. Chat: Send a message within the chat section of the guest's main menu.

  2. Email: Send a message to the email address provided in the guest's reservation information.

  3. SMS: ※Under development

Private Notes are not sent to guests and serve as a memo function that only staff can view.

When sending messages, you can use tags, similar to automatic messages.

You can also create and use templates.

By pressing the 'T' icon, the template management screen will appear, where you can add and use saved message templates.

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