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[Channel] "Neppan/Neppan" Channel Creation and Synchronization Specifications
[Channel] "Neppan/Neppan" Channel Creation and Synchronization Specifications
Written by Takashi Obatake
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Instructions on how to create a channel via [Management Console] → [Channels] → [Add Channel] button. Additionally, specifications and important points regarding synchronization are documented.


Preparation: (It is necessary to set Neppan reservations to "unread" status on the Neppan side in advance in order to import reservation information into AirHost.)

Important: Before integrating with Neppan, it is required to apply and register with Neppan in advance. Download the additional application form for "Linking Options" from the "Add Site Application" menu on the Neppan management page and submit your application.

Please apply by selecting the "PMS Integration Option (2 WAY)."

Please fill in the following details for the PMS manufacturer information on this document:

  • PMS Manufacturer: AirHost

  • PMS Product Name: AirHost PMS

  • PMS Manufacturer Representative: Takashi Obata

  • PMS Manufacturer Phone Number: 050-5316-968

Preparation (Setting existing reservations to 'unread'): Reservations on the Neppan side must be in an 'unread' state; otherwise, they will not be imported into AirHost. (The image below shows the 'unread' state.)


If you were using another PMS before connecting to AirHost, all existing reservations would be marked as 'completed.' In this case, clicking on 'completed' will revert them to 'pending' status. (If there are too many to handle manually, you might be able to request the person in charge on the Neppan side to change them all in bulk.)

After setting to 'pending', you can import the relevant reservations by reloading the Neppan channel page on the AirHost side.

Channel Creation Process: Add an Airbnb channel for each Neppan account (facility).

Please have the "Neppan! Site Controller PMS Integration ID & Password Issuance Document" ready.

For the additional steps, please refer to this video:

The information to be entered can be found in the "Neppan! Site Controller PMS Integration ID & Password Issuance Document."

Please enter the alphabets (A to D) shown in the image below combined.

Inventory Synchronization Considerations

To avoid incorrect inventory synchronization, "Inventory Sync from AirHost" is not enabled by default.

While the Neppan API communicates all reservation information to AirHost, it does not sync the actual inventory numbers from Neppan to AirHost. If the inventory was manually reduced on the Neppan side prior to connection, there might be discrepancies between the inventory numbers that AirHost recognizes and those on Neppan's side.

Always confirm that the inventory information within AirHost is correct before enabling synchronization as needed.

About Message Synchronization

Messages are sent to the email addresses listed in the reservations that are coordinated from Neppan.

To send messages to guests booked through Rakuten Travel, setting up a message channel is necessary.

Note: Airbnb and do not disclose guest email addresses for contact. Therefore, this information is not provided by Neppan to AirHost PMS, and automatic messaging will not function.

If Neppan has an automatic messaging feature, please use it. However, automatic messaging is supported when Airbnb is directly connected to AirHost PMS.

About Rate Synchronization

It is not possible to synchronize rates set in AirHost with Neppan.

Rates must be set via the Neppan management page.

About Loading New Plans on OTA

If a new plan created on the OTA side is retrieved and booked by Neppan before it is captured, it may not correctly identify the rate category of the plan, and the accurate reservation amount may not be transmitted to AirHost.

Normally, Neppan automatically captures plans within a maximum of two days, but it is recommended that users manually retrieve plans on Neppan soon after their creation on OTA.

If there are reservations with discrepancies in reservation amounts, updating the status from 'completed' to 'not outputted' and re-outputting will ensure correct outputs, so please update the status to 'not outputted' via the Neppan interface.

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