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[Channel] “AsiaYo” channel creation/synchronization specifications
[Channel] “AsiaYo” channel creation/synchronization specifications
Written by Joelly See Toh
Updated over a week ago

(Note) To enable inventory/price synchronization from AirHost to AsiaYo, it is necessary to stop (stop synchronization) the "Room synchronization update status (airbnb only)" function provided by AsiaYo. Go to Price & Availability -> Synchronization Settings -> "Remove"

1. Open the “Channel List” screen from the “Administration Console”   

2. After clicking "Add channel", select AsiaYo as the channel and enter the AsiaYo login email address and password.

3. Please check whether the listing has been imported to the channel's property list. If not, please press the "refresh channel" and wait for a while.

4. Channel creation and import of listings (properties) to the channel have been completed.

To manage properties imported into channels on Airhost, create a listing on AirHost or link to a listing that already exists on Airhost.

① If the property imported into the channel is a listing that does not exist on Airhost , please create a new listing using the following method.

② If the property imported into the channel is a listing that already exists on Airhost , please link the imported property to the Airhost listing using the following method.

5. Please check the basic charge settings and check/change the multi-channel OTA synchronization settings.

6. Check pricing and multichannel settings,

  If there are no other OTAs to link, please start managing.

  If you have other OTAs to link to, please link to them first.

<About AsiaYo synchronization>

  • automatic message

If you set up an automatic message, it will be sent to the email provided in your reservation information.

If you have any questions, please contact us below with the information below.

1) AirHost account information (registered email address or automatic login URL)
2) Screenshots of screens with unclear operation methods, error screens, etc.

◆Email [email protected]

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