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[Channel] "Rurubu" Channel Creation and Synchronization Specifications
[Channel] "Rurubu" Channel Creation and Synchronization Specifications
Written by Takashi Obatake
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If Rurubu has not yet published:

If you proceed with publication, please inform Rurubu that you are using AirHost from the start, and kindly create a new platform (management screen) for it.

If there is an existing publication on Rurubu:

Please let Rurubu know that you are using AirHost, and by transitioning to the new platform (management screen), synchronization will be possible.

Once you have completed the above, please proceed with creating channel credentials and further integration from the link below:

When creating a channel, setting a password is necessary. However, if the account logs into the JTB management screen by entering a login ID and using a one-time password sent to an email address, the password is not actually used, so please enter any string. However, the username must be in the format of an email address.

After you have completed creating the channel, please add the property ID from Rurubu using the "Add New OTA Property" button.

If a property imported into the channel does not exist as a listing on Airhost:

Create a listing for management from the channel.

If the imported property already exists as a listing on Airhost:

Link the imported property to the listing on Airhost by using the method below:

Check and set the base rates, and verify and modify the OTA synchronization settings in the multi-channel:

Check the pricing and multi-channel settings, and start managing them if there are no other OTAs to link. If there are other OTAs to link, link them first.

<Synchronization with Rurubu>

  • Automatic Messages

Regarding reservations from Rurubu, since there is no provision of an email address in the reservation details and no Message API is available, sending automatic messages is not possible.

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