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[Channel] Creating and Synchronizing "Rakuten Travel" Channel
[Channel] Creating and Synchronizing "Rakuten Travel" Channel
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This guide explains how to create a channel using the [Management Console] → [Channel] → [Add Channel] button and outlines the specifications and points to note for synchronizing with Rakuten Travel.


Channel Creation Process:

  • Please make sure to enter the correct username and password that you use to log into the Rakuten Travel management page.

For additional steps, please refer to this video:

If listing information is not imported into the channel's property list, please check the room management page on Rakuten Travel. If there is no room management information in the highlighted area, AirHost cannot import the listing information.


About Automatic Messages:

Due to restrictions on Rakuten Travel's side, there is a limit to the number of characters that can be sent in automatic messages. If a sending error occurs, retrying the transmission is technically difficult, so please set your messages to under 750 characters for properties using Rakuten Travel.

If including long URLs in the document, consider using shortened URLs.

Package Reservation Contact:

Rakuten Travel does not allow direct contact for package reservations. Therefore, neither automatic nor manual messages will reach package reservation customers.

Synchronization of Rates:

If you are using a 'per person' rate setting, Rakuten Travel’s rate calendar only allows settings for up to 5 people. If the 'number of guests' accepted is 6 or more, the rate for the sixth and additional guests will be added as the same rate per person as for 5 guests.

Rakuten Travel does not support setting separate cleaning fees. Any cleaning fees set in AirHost will not be reflected. Adjust the percentage for price synchronization or turn off price synchronization and adjust it directly on Rakuten Travel.

Booking Services on Rakuten Travel (R-with):

R-with blocks the calendar on Rakuten Travel but does not import the reservation information to AirHost. Reservations need to be manually created.

Handling Reservations Under Communication:

Even if reservations appear as 'under communication' on Rakuten’s management panel, they are imported as confirmed reservations in AirHost.

Automatic Settlement Settings on Rakuten Travel:

The automatic closure settings on Rakuten Travel are designed to set inventory to zero after the closure time passes. If inventory is then set from the site controller, reservation acceptance will resume. Currently, AirHost PMS's support for Rakuten Travel is limited to one-way stock and price synchronization, and it does not read settings such as Rakuten's closure settings. Therefore, if there is remaining inventory in AirHost PMS, it will overwrite the inventory even after the closure time.

To ensure that all OTAs have correct inventory and prices synchronized, AirHost PMS not only performs on-demand synchronization for changes on specific dates but also conducts a regular synchronization of all dates around 4 AM daily. Consequently, if the closure time is set before 4 AM on the day, it will be overwritten during the regular synchronization. It is recommended to set the closure time after 7 AM on the day when making closure settings on Rakuten Travel.

Minimum and Maximum Stay Settings:

AirHost PMS cannot synchronize minimum stay settings with Rakuten Travel or Jalan. If settings are required, please configure them via the OTA’s management menu.

Date Settings on Rakuten Travel:

Ensure the date display on Rakuten Travel is set to "2022-02-07" "08:27:51". If set differently, reservation imports will not occur.

1.Click on the "Billing Management & More" button.

2.Press the "Date Display Settings" button in the page customization section of the management console.

3.Check the settings on the Date Display Settings page.

New Rakuten Inbound Management Interface:

Currently, AirHost PMS does not support synchronization with the new Rakuten inbound management interface. It is under investigation whether reservations from the new inbound sales screen will be automatically imported into Airhost.

Also, creating a channel in Airhost using the login information for the new Rakuten inbound management interface does not reflect property links.

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