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[Channel] “” channel creation/synchronization specifications
[Channel] “” channel creation/synchronization specifications
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[ overview ]

This section describes the procedure for creating a channel from the [Admin Console] → [Channel] → [Add channel] button.

Here are the specifications and notes regarding synchronization with


Steps to create a channel

As a prerequisite, integration with AirHost must be enabled in the "Connectivity Providers" menu on the side. After setting AirHost as your provider, you will be automatically approved by AirHost.

Please make the settings in advance. Login to extranet -> click on Account -> Connectivity Provider and change provider to AirHost

Please watch this video for operating instructions: channels allow you to add multiple properties to one channel. If you already have a channel created in AirHost, please move on to adding your property below.

*Please enter any e-mail address and password. It is not specifically used for further processing.

Watch the video below to learn how to add a new channel:

Add properties to the channel. A hotel ID is required when adding a property. Please copy from the following location.

Please watch the video below for the steps to add a property:

*If you are unable to import property information, the status on may be as follows.


Please change the status below on


Importing confirmed reservations before AirHost connection

For reservations that were confirmed before linking with AirHost, reservations that were confirmed up to 90 days ago will be imported from the link (only future reservations will be imported, past reservations will not be included). If you have a confirmed reservation before then, will not provide it, so please create a new reservation and manage it.

About price synchronization

When synchronizing prices to, only the base price and the price for the number of guests set on the side (the number of guests whose price can be edited on the administration site) are synchronized from AirHost PMS. For example, if's base price is for 2 guests, AirHost PMS will calculate the price for 2 guests for each date and sync them to

Prices other than the base number of guests will be added to or subtracted from the synced base price according to's 'Number of Guests Pricing'. For this reason, the rate multiplier and discount rate set on the AirHost side will only be applied to the basic rate that will be synchronized.

Cleaning fees are also not synchronized, so please configure settings on platform or adjust the price synchronization rate from AirHost.'s cancellation policy will also apply. Regarding the minimum length of stay, AirHost's settings will be applied.

Specifications and notes regarding message synchronization

From March 15, 2022, we have migrated to the Message API provided by

This resulted in a message specification similar to Airbnb.

Regarding card information/security code (CVC/CVV) cooperation

Credit card information for reservations made prior to connecting with AirHost is not provided by and cannot be viewed by AirHost. Please also note that there is a limit to the number of times you can view reservations after connecting.

If the card information is linked for the reservation confirmed after connecting to AirHost, but only the security code (CVC/CVV) is not linked, please select "Dunning Advice" on the management page. Please make sure that "Connect to Upload" is not turned on. ​If you have made a reservation after connecting to

[ Help ]

Regarding cases where

If you cancel your reservation immediately after making the reservation (such as a few seconds later), you will not receive a reservation confirmation notification from the API, and only the cancellation notification will be received by AirHost PMS. In this case, the cancellation notice does not include the reserved room type or check-in/out date information, so only if the cancellation fee is not 0, it will be imported into AirHot PMS as a canceled reservation as shown below.

- Check-in date: Set the reservation date

- Check-out date: Set the day after the reservation date

- Room type: Set the room type defined at the beginning of the property (as it has already been canceled, inventory will not be affected)

- Reservation name: Guest name (reservation number) - Cancelled-Right-Away (Add - Cancelled-Right-Away to the regular reservation name)

About risk-free reservation support

In conclusion, it is difficult to use risk-free reservations.

This is a risk-free reservation operation, but if a risk-free reservation is cancelled, notifies the site controller (AirHost PMS) that the reservation has been canceled to prevent reservations from other OTAs. Instead, we just increase the inventory on's side and attract other guests on the site as usual. (Since it is necessary to guarantee zero risk, the display order may be automatically controlled to some extent.)

On the other hand, with AirHost PMS, in addition to synchronizing inventory with other OTAs that is performed immediately after a reservation is confirmed, AirHost PMS also checks once a day to ensure that the inventory quantity in AirHost PMS matches the inventory quantity set in the connected OTA. To ensure this, we are resynchronizing our inventory for all dates. Since we have not received a reservation cancellation notification from, AirHost PMS still has 0 inventory, so's inventory will be set to 0 for the canceled dates. .

Currently, if does not notify you that a risk-free reservation has been canceled, AirHost PMS cannot detect it, so from AirHost PMS's point of view, the reservation it is aware of still exists and there is no double booking. Since there is a risk of this, inventory 0 will be synchronized.

Additionally, even if sends a cancellation notification and Airhost's inventory is increased, the notification is determined by BookingCom, so Airhost cannot control it and cannot provide full support. yeah.

We apologize for not being able to meet your expectations. We will continue to discuss with how we can support them in the future.

Notification emails such as "new reservation" after connecting to AirHost

When connects with AirHost, the notification emails you previously received from will disappear. AirHost provides an alternative notification email for this, so please check the corresponding manual.

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