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[Channel] Airbnb channel creation/synchronization specifications
[Channel] Airbnb channel creation/synchronization specifications
Written by Joelly See Toh
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[ overview ]

This section describes the procedure for creating a channel from the [Admin Console] → [Channel] → [Add channel] button.

Also, specifications and notes regarding synchronization are described.


Steps to create a channel

Add an Airbnb channel for each Airbnb account.

Only public listings are included.

Smart Pricing cannot be used together, so please turn it off in advance on Airbnb.

Be sure to use your main host account, not a co-host account. Co-host accounts are subject to registration errors and rate/inventory sync errors.

Be sure to set Airbnb's sync settings to "Pricing and availability only." "All" sync is not supported.

Watch this video to learn how to add a new account:

If a new listing is added to an account that already has a channel on AirHost, you can import the new listing by making sure the listing is "public" on Airbnb and performing a refresh on the channel details page.

Watch this video for channel refresh steps:

About message synchronization

As a restriction on Airbnb's side, it is prohibited to include URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, emojis, etc. in messages that have not yet been confirmed, and if such items are included in the message, an error will occur when sending the message. . Please be especially careful as the "automatic response message" will be sent before the reservation is confirmed. Please note that the notation is also subject to restrictions.

The size of images that can be sent is up to 3.5MB. If you send an image larger than this size, a sending error will occur.

Regarding reservation acquisition when connecting

Please note that reservations made during your current stay and reservations after checkout cannot be obtained.

Regarding the handling of "unconfirmed" reservations

If a reservation is created in an unconfirmed state from Airbnb, AirHost PMS will treat it as a new reservation to prevent double booking and ensure inventory, and a new reservation notification will be sent as a pending reservation. After that, if your reservation is confirmed, you will receive a reservation change notification, and if your reservation is canceled, you will receive a cancellation notification. This is a specification move.

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