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[User Management] About User Groups
[User Management] About User Groups
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago


At AirHost, you can create users in different groups according to their roles. This page explains the available user groups.


Types of User Groups

There are five groups available:

☑ Administrator

☑ Manager

☑ Staff

☑ Cleaner

☑ Client

Permissions of Each User Group


  • Can perform all operations.


  • Permitted actions: Adding/editing CRM management.

  • Prohibited actions: Operations on the management console other than the above, although viewing is permitted.


  • Permitted actions: Operations on the dashboard page (only for authorized facilities).

  • Prohibited actions: Operations on the management console.


  • Permitted actions: Only cleaning management for designated facilities.

  • Prohibited actions: Any operations other than the above.


  • This is an account for facility owners within a managed service operation.

  • Clients can log in to the system and view owner statements.

  • No other operations are permitted.

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