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[FAQ] Can I manually resend an automatic message?
[FAQ] Can I manually resend an automatic message?
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago

There is no direct function to resend an automatic message, however, we can guide you on how to create a template and use copy & paste for resending.

Copy & Paste:

Copy the full text of the automatic message, click "Reply to Guest," paste it, and then send.

Note: Adjust line breaks before sending.

How to Create a Template:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Click "..." next to Messages > Save as Template

2. Manually reset tags

Note: Since the content is copied as is, it is necessary to reset the tags.

3. Select "Template" from the lower menu bar under "Reply to Guest"

4. Select the saved template.

5. Send

You can verify that the guest information has been pulled into the places where tags were set.

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