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Examples of Helpful Questions and Explanations

[FAQ] Blocks Set in OTA Are Not Reflected in the AirHost Calendar
[FAQ] Can I Turn Automatic Messages ON/OFF for Each OTA?
[FAQ] Viewing the Reservation Calendar on a Smartphone
[FAQ] Switching to Chinese or Korean Language on a Tablet
[FAQ] Number of Children Not Displayed in Reservations from
[FAQ] Is it possible to set an accommodation tax?
[FAQ] Display of Licensing Information on the Booking Engine
[FAQ] Calculating Cancellation Policies in the Booking Engine
[FAQ] How to Insert Line Breaks in Booking Engine Rate Plan Descriptions
[FAQ] Can the Number of Rooms Bookable at One Time Be Limited in the Booking Engine?
[FAQ] Why Can't I See the Cashier Menu Anymore?
[FAQ] How to Check the URL of the Guest Page (Form)
[FAQ] Rakuten Travel,, and Jalan ID and Password Updates Not Activating Channels
[FAQ] Can reservations be deleted?
[FAQ] How to Search for a Reservation by Reservation Date (Confirmation Date)
[FAQ] How to Search for Reservations by Cancellation Date
[FAQ] How to Change Agoda Price Synchronization to 'Additional Person Pricing' Basis
[FAQ] Can the PIN for smart locks be synchronized with the entrance?
[FAQ] How does the "Add to Apple/Google Wallet" from the Guest Page Work?
[FAQ] How to Modify a Manually Created Booking: Changing Dates, Rates, Plans, or Number of Guests
[FAQ] How to Settle POS Purchases at Checkout with Stripe
[FAQ] How to Change the Addressee Name on a Receipt
[FAQ] Can Bank Transfers Be Used for Payments on Booking Engine Reservations?
[FAQ] How to View the Guest Page for Reservations Made Through the Booking Engine
[FAQ] Dates with Available Rooms are Not Being Sold
[FAQ] How to Delete a Room
[FAQ] How to Display Reservation Information in Google Calendar
[FAQ] Why are automatic messages not reaching guests from Expedia/Agoda?
[FAQ] Setting Minimum Stay Requirements (Basic Settings and Weekday-Specific Settings)
[FAQ] Rate Changes in AirHost When Connected to PriceLabs
[FAQ] Facility/Room Type/Rate Plan Not Displayed in Accommodation Reservation Report
[FAQ] How to Display Holidays from Japan and Other Countries in the Reservation Calendar
[FAQ] How can I check if the rates are correctly reflected on OTAs?
How to Change the Order of Room Types Displayed
[FAQ] How to Reissue or Change the PIN Code for Smart Locks
[FAQ] How to sync multiple inventory to one Airbnb listing / How to sync by hotel type
[FAQ] Can I create a provisional reservation?
[FAQ] Can I set prices per person in the rate plan?
[FAQ] Can POS orders be viewed by the service delivery date instead of the order confirmation date?
[FAQ] Is there a feature that automatically adjusts rate tiers based on room availability?
[FAQ] In the discount settings, is it possible to increase the price when the occupancy rate exceeds a certain level?
[FAQ] Can I link with Google Tag Manager for booking engine analysis?
[FAQ] Can I embed the content of the Booking Engine page into my own website using an iFrame?
[FAQ] Can I view messages from guests for each property/facility?
[FAQ] Can I manually resend an automatic message?
[FAQ] Is it possible to link multiple Airbnb listings to one room type with multiple rooms?
[FAQ] How to adjust the check-in and check-out times for check-in tablets and smart locks (IoT locks)?
[FAQ] Unable to select a room in Room Mode
【FAQ】Is there a way to retrieve information for one year at a time using the GET /availabilities API?
【FAQ】Changes are being overwritten in the inventory and rate synchronization with Jalan (じゃらん). What should I do?
[FAQ] Are the names and phone numbers in the reservation information from OTA automatically copied to the guest list?
[FAQ] Deposit confirmation and payment
【FAQ】Cannot sell POS to non-staying guests
[FAQ] Does AirHost provide an API?
[FAQ] How to Specify Cleaning Fees When Creating a Manual Reservation
What are the common reasons why an automatic message is not sent?
[FAQ] What functions does the Night Audit provide?
[FAQ] The number of guests displayed on the cleaning task is different from the reservation details
[FAQ] Is there a way to check in a list if guests scheduled to stay have completed pre-check-in?
[FAQ] Can I enable either rate synchronization or inventory synchronization alone with Airbnb?
[FAQ] Can I apply different pricing plans to one Airbnb listing depending on the period?
[FAQ] What could be the reasons some guests do not receive messages to their email addresses?