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[FAQ] Setting Minimum Stay Requirements (Basic Settings and Weekday-Specific Settings)
[FAQ] Setting Minimum Stay Requirements (Basic Settings and Weekday-Specific Settings)
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago

You can set the minimum stay requirements in the management console under the corresponding listing → Property Details → Channel Manager → Rate Plan. Please refer to the image below.

[Temporary Rules for Specific Periods]

If you want to change the minimum stay for a specific period, such as during the New Year holidays, please add a temporary rule.

Also, if you enable the "Recurring" option, for example, if you set a rule from 2024-12-10 to 2025-01-10, it will automatically adjust to cover the period from 2025-12-10 to 2026-01-10 in the following year. For rules that span years, please set them as 2024-12-10 to 2025-12-31, 2025-01-01 to 2025-01-10, or disable the "Recurring" option.

[Synchronization Targets for Settings]

The minimum stay settings in AirHost are only supported for Airbnb,, Agoda,, and Expedia. Please check with other OTAs directly for their settings.

[Can Minimum Stay Requirements Be Changed by Day of the Week?]

Unfortunately, there is currently no feature to change the minimum stay requirements based on the day of the week. Even if you set it individually on the OTA side, it will be overwritten by the minimum stay settings configured in the AirHost PMS rate plan.

We will consider adding this feature in future system improvements.

[Setting Maximum Stay Requirements]

The setting for the "maximum stay" found under temporary rules is only reflected in the booking engine and will not be reflected on OTAs.

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