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[Setup Procedures] Creating a Facility to Starting Rate and Inventory Synchronization
[Setup Procedures] Creating a Facility to Starting Rate and Inventory Synchronization
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago

[ Overview ]

This guide is for new users of AirHost, explaining the steps from creating a facility, linking OTAs, to starting synchronization of rates and inventory.

[ Details ]

1. Adding Channels (OTA / Other Site Controllers)

Add each OTA (or other site controllers) as channels.

If the OTA side is not yet ready, but you wish to proceed with other settings in advance, go to '2. Creating a facility'. OTA channels can be added at any time.

Note: From this step to "6. Start of Synchronization", halt all OTA sales temporarily to avoid overbookings or incorrect rate synchronizations. It is highly recommended to stop all OTAs; if absolutely necessary, keep only one OTA active to prevent double bookings.

Refer to these guides for adding each channel:

2.Creating a Facility

Refer to this guide:

After creating the facility, set the facility to "Managed" status.

Note: It is necessary to set it to "Managed" on the HMS side first.

3. Linking Channels to Facilities

Link the channels added in step 1 to the facilities and room types created in step 2.

Refer to this guide:

4. Creating Pricing Plans / Setting Rates

If there are multiple rate plans on the OTA side, add corresponding rate plans on AirHost.

Note: By default, one rate type is automatically created. Typically, accommodation facilities have only one rate type, so no addition is necessary. Seasonal rates for periods like Golden Week or New Year's Eve should be adjusted within the same rate plan calendar.

Refer to these guides:

5. Mapping Rate Plans

Map the rate plans created in step 4 to the OTA’s rate plans.

Refer to this guide:

6. Importing Reservations / Checking Inventory

Note: If it's a new property with no existing bookings, wait for reservations to come in from OTAs later.

Reservations will be imported from the linked channels as set up in step 4. Check that all reservation information is imported and displayed correctly in the "Dashboard" → "Reservation Calendar". Ensure that the remaining inventory numbers are correct. Click on each reservation to open and verify its details page.

If there are any reservations that cannot be imported and to prevent overbookings, manually add those reservations. Once the import is confirmed, any manually created reservations can be deleted.

Refer to this guide:

If there are periods when rooms are not available due to maintenance, block those rooms.

Refer to this guide:

7. Starting Synchronization / Confirming Synchronization on OTA Side

Refer to this guide:

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