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[Channel] Creating and Synchronizing the 'Jalan' Channel
[Channel] Creating and Synchronizing the 'Jalan' Channel
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This section explains the procedure for creating a channel via [Management Console] → [Channel List] → [Add Channel] button, and includes specifications and considerations for synchronization with Jalan.


Channel Creation Procedure

※ Ensure you enter a valid username and password that can log into the 'Jalan' management page.

For the creation procedure, please refer to this video:

If the facility and room type information has not been imported into the channel, check the Jalan management page to ensure it is set to accept reservations.


Automatic Messaging

Messages are sent to the email address listed in the guest's reservation information.

Synchronization of Rates

To initiate rate synchronization, it is necessary that the rate plans are in an 'Active' state on Jalan's side. If they are in 'Preparation' mode, rate synchronization will not function. Therefore, set a higher rate on Jalan, publish it, and then perform rate synchronization from AirHost PMS.

On Jalan's rate calendar, rates can only be set for up to 6 people. For 'Number of Guests' exceeding 6, Jalan's rules apply the rate for the 6th guest to each subsequent guest.

Stopping Sales of Rate Plans

On Jalan's side, inventory settings are per room type, and it is not possible to change the inventory of a specific rate plan linked to that room type. Thus, to stop sales for a specific rate plan on AirHost's rate calendar, you must set the rate for the relevant date to blank on Jalan's rate calendar settings page.

No operations are needed on Jalan's calendar side. Example of rate settings page on Jalan: 8/9–8/15, 8/22 are blank (indicating stopped sales).

Synchronization of Cleaning Fees

Jalan does not allow separate settings for cleaning fees from accommodation fees. Any cleaning fees set in Airhost will not be reflected. Adjust using the percentage of rate synchronization, or turn off synchronization and adjust directly on Jalan.

Reflection of Cancellation Fees

Jalan does not provide accurate cancellation fee information, so accurate reflection of cancellation fees at the time of booking cancellation is not possible on AirHost's side. The following actions are taken:

If any of the following statements are present on the reservation page, the cancellation fee is set to 0.

If there is no such statement, the cancellation fee is displayed as 100%. If you wish to manually adjust the cancellation fee, please do so from the reservation details page.

Stopping Sales During System Maintenance

During the system improvement implementation days of Jalan, typically from about 2 AM to 8 AM, logging into Jalan's management screen may not be possible, and synchronization with Airhost is not available during this period.

Accordingly, the following manual actions are requested during Jalan's system maintenance:

  • Before maintenance starts: To avoid double bookings, implement a stop sale on Jalan's side.

  • After maintenance ends: After lifting the stop sale on Jalan's side, execute 'Sync Now' on AirHost's side.

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