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[Setup Procedures] Pre Check-in to Check-out
[Setup Procedures] Pre Check-in to Check-out
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago

[ Overview ]

This guide explains how to configure pre check-in, self check-in, and check-out using the guest app (ONE Stay).

[ Details ]

1. Check-in Settings

Define what guest information to collect, whether to collect payments or deposits, and how to verify identity at check-in. Configure settings for pre check-in through check-out.

Refer to this guide:

2. Reviewing Guest Page Content

Review the configurations made in step 1 on the actual guest page. Create a test reservation.

The guest page can be reviewed via the link on the reservation details page.

3. Setting up Auto Messages Including 'Pre Check-in URL'

Guests will perform operations such as pre check-in through a URL included in the automatic messages they receive after booking. Configure the automatic messages to include the 'Pre Check-in URL' tag at booking confirmation or a few days before check-in.

Refer to this guide:

4. Automated Message Templates

Templates for automatic messages are prepared.

Refer to:

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