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[Meal Management] Pre-acceptance of Meal Times
[Meal Management] Pre-acceptance of Meal Times
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This guide explains how to pre-accept mealtime preferences using AirHost ONE, which are usually confirmed via phone or at check-in. By accepting mealtime reservations during pre-check-in, meal planning can be confirmed ahead of time, and it also helps in reducing check-in duration. If not pre-booked, meal times can be entered upon check-in through the 'Check-in Management' page.


Creating a Product (Reservation Service)

For mealtime reception, you can use the 'Reservation Service' POS product provided by AirHost ONE. For setting instructions, please refer to the content in 'Reservation Service' in the help section below.

Typically, mealtime reception is free, so set up free 'Reservation Service' slots for meal times. For 'Order Restrictions,' enable reservations for the day of check-in for 'Dinner' times, and for the day of check-out for 'Breakfast' times.

Creating a Service (Single Booking)

Create a 'Single Booking Service' so that guests can reserve meal times directly from the main menu.

The creation process can be found in the help section below:

Guest Reservation Operations

Guests will be able to reserve meal times through a URL provided in the automatic messages as described below.

Manual Entry from the 'Check-in Management' Page

At check-in, you can verify if mealtime reservations have been made through the 'Check-in Management' page. If not, they can be manually entered. To check, use the 'Service Order' section.

[Manual Entry]

Entries are made through the 'Transactions' page.

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