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[Meal Management] Accepting Orders from the Menu
[Meal Management] Accepting Orders from the Menu
Written by Joelly See Toh
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By creating menus for use in restaurants and bar lounges, etc., users can order themselves from their smartphones or tablets. Staff can use the same user interface to enter orders, and all orders are integrated in real-time into the kitchen view, so you can easily manage everything from ordering to serving.


Ordering from the Menu (Smartphone)

Users can review and order from the menu directly on their smartphones. Order information is reflected on the PMS side in the kitchen view, facilitating easy management of cooking and serving.

There are two methods for displaying the menu:

1. Open from the Reservation Details Page

Guests of the accommodation can browse and order from the menu via the main menu used for pre-check-in.

2. Scan QR on the Table

Guests who do not have the URL provided in advance, including non-staying guests coming only for meals, can open the menu page by scanning a QR code placed on the table. (For setting up delivery destinations and placing QR codes, refer to [Meal Management] Setting Up Delivery Locations)

Scanning the QR code will display the service linked to that delivery destination, here being the restaurant menu.

For staying guests, they can log in using the check-in code or last name and room number.

Ordering Operations from the Menu (Tablet)

By placing an AirHost ONE tablet on the table, patrons can also order via the tablet.

Press and hold the "" part at the bottom of the screen to open the tablet's management page.

Log in with the management account.

Set the 'Homepage' to 'Delivery Destination,' and assign the tablet to a delivery destination (e.g., a restaurant table).

The services linked to the set target will be displayed.

When trying to open the menu, there will be a verification whether the user is a staying guest.

For staying guests, they set their reservation information and begin ordering.

All orders are linked in real-time to the kitchen view.

For more information on how to check and manage order using Kitchen View, please check the help below:

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