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[Tablet] How to Switch App Modes
[Tablet] How to Switch App Modes
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This section explains how to switch modes on the AirHost ONE tablet app.


About the Modes

The AirHost ONE tablet features three different modes:

Front Mode:

Primarily used for self-check-in and front desk operations. It is also used to provide general information to guests.

Delivery Mode:

Used when placing tablets at restaurant tables or private dining areas. It is also used for room service in guest rooms.

Guest Room Mode:

Used when placing a tablet in a guest room. When a guest checks in, it switches to their personalized page, allowing them to book and order products and services. This mode is also used for internal phone functions.

Setting Up Front Mode

Long-press the "" text at the bottom of the screen.

The Airhost login screen will appear. Log in using the tablet-specific account email and password.

Use the login information provided in the email when the tablet was shipped.

Once the tablet setup page appears, select your facility from the "Select facility" dropdown.

Only facilities marked as "under management" will appear in the dropdown.

Select "Front Mode" from the mode dropdown and press "Submit."

If the display changes as shown below, the setup for "Front Mode" is complete.

Setting Up Delivery Mode

Refer to the manual below for setting up delivery destinations in advance on the management screen:

Next, set up the tablet. Like setting up Front Mode, log in and bring up the tablet setup page, then select "Delivery Mode."

The delivery destinations set up in the management screen will appear in the delivery destination dropdown on the tablet. Select the table or room number you are using the tablet at and press execute.

Once the corresponding menu appears as shown below, the setup for the delivery destination is complete.

Setting Up Guest Room Mode

Log in as you did for Front Mode, and bring up the tablet setup page, then select "Guest Room Mode."

Choose the room type and number, then press execute.

If the screen shown below appears, the setup for "Guest Room Mode" is complete. This mode shows different displays before and after guest check-in.

[Before Guest Check-In]

[After Guest Check-In]

The guest information for the room appears in the center of the screen.

If you have subscribed to the internal phone feature, you can make calls using the internal phone button.

Note: The internal phone feature requires a subscription to AirHost ONE Premium plan.

To display the room number on the facility staff's side when receiving an internal call, you can input the room number in the below section to enable display (default is device name display).

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