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[FAQ] How do I enable intercom calls on a check-in tablet?
[FAQ] How do I enable intercom calls on a check-in tablet?
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This guide explains the steps to enable intercom calling from a check-in tablet (front mode tablet) to facility staff. This enables voice calls between the tablet at the front desk and staff's smartphones or tablets upon guest arrival.

Note: To use the intercom phone function on a check-in tablet (front mode tablet), an AirHost ONE [Premium] license is required.


Setup Step 1: Add a Front Desk (Facility)

To enable video chat verification, you need to add a front desk within the facility.

[Management Console] → Select the facility → [Facility Management] → [Add New Facility]

The settings page will open:

  1. Set the Type to [Front Desk].

  2. Turn on [Receive call from in Room Tablet?] and save.

Setup Step 2: Download and Set Up the One Staff App

A dedicated app (One Staff) is required to receive intercom calls from guests. Install it on the staff’s smartphone or tablet.Search and download "One Staff" from the App Store or Google Play.

Once downloaded, open the app:

  1. Allow notifications and microphone use, read the terms and conditions, and click [Agree].

  2. Log in with your AirHost account.

  3. Select the facility that will receive intercom calls, choose [Front Desk], and click [Submit].

Setup Step 3: Display the Intercom Call Button on the Check-In Tablet

Enable the intercom call function from the check-in tablet.

[Management Console] → Select the facility → [Check-In Settings] → [Common Settings]→ [Set Home Page Display Content] → [Set Home Page Display Content (in blue text)]

The settings page will open:

Turn on [Front Desk Calling Function] → [Allow Front Desk to Make Calls] and save.

Setup Step 4: Perform a Test Call

Perform a test call to ensure all settings are correct and the system is functioning properly.

From the check-in tablet, select [Intercom Phone].

Check for an incoming call on the staff’s device (One Staff) and verify if the call can be made successfully.

Check-in Tablet Side

Staff Device (One Staff) Side

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