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[Tablet] AirHost ONE Tablet Overview
[Tablet] AirHost ONE Tablet Overview
Written by Takashi Obatake
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The AirHost ONE tablet can be deployed throughout your facility for various purposes such as front desk QR code check-in, browsing menus, and booking services or products.

Here, we provide guidance on the actual procedures for implementing tablets.


Application Form

To apply, please fill out and submit the form via the following link: AirHost ONE Tablet Application Form. After submission, a confirmation email will be sent. Subsequently, an invoice and further communication will follow from our team within one business day.

If you do not receive an email after submitting the form, please contact the AirHost Support Team at AirHost Support.

Tablet Size and Specs

Please verify the tablet’s size and specifications via the links provided.

Orders Post August 2022

Orders Prior to August 2022

We recommend the following stand for tablet installation, which requires your own assessment and purchase: Sanwa Direct.

For Recipients of the AirHost ONE Tablet

We outline the steps for testing operations before actual reservations commence.

  1. Creating a Test Reservation

    Refer to the manual section 'How to Create a Manual Reservation' to set up a test reservation under Check-In Management.

  2. Connecting to Wifi

    Upon receipt, connect the tablet to Wifi before starting operations.

  3. Searching for Reservations on the Tablet

    Explained below are methods to search for reservations using the tablet at check-in.

Using QR Codes:

QR codes used for reservation searches can be accessed from both the management page and the guest page.

  • From the Management Page:

    Open the check-in management from the dashboard, click on the test reservation name to view the reservation details, then scan the QR code displayed next to the check-in information.


  • Using Guest Page QR Codes:

    Right-click the check-in code, copy the link address, and open it on a mobile browser via email transfer, simulating a real guest check-in.

Hover over the check-in code, right-click > copy link.

You can then forward the copied address via email or other means and open it in a smartphone browser to perform a test just like an actual guest check-in.

When you tap the QR code on the guest page, it will zoom in and appear enlarged at the center of the screen.

Open the homepage on the tablet and tap the "Check-in" button in the center of the screen.

When you press the "Scan QR Code" button, the QR code scanner screen will open.

Hold the test reservation's QR code up to the tablet's reader.

If using the QR code from the management screen, switch the tablet to the back camera and hold it over the QR code to scan.

Using Check-In Codes:
Similar to the QR code method, press the check-in button on the tablet’s main page and then 'Search by Check-In Code' on the following screen to enter the code.

On the next screen, enter the code in the "Search by Check-in Code" field.

The check-in code to be entered on the tablet can be found on the reservation details page under Check-in Management.

4. Starting a Test Check-In

  • Review the reservation list that appears, verify the details, and proceed to check-in.

  • If there are incomplete guest details, add or edit the information as necessary.

  • The sign-in requirement applies only to the first guest; subsequent guests do not need to sign.

(1) Once the reservation list is opened, review the details and tap 'Check-In'.

(2) Enter guest information. If there are any fields not filled in, enter the information via the dropdown menu on the right side of the guest information under 'Edit'.

The fields to be collected here can be optionally set under the management dashboard > property check-in settings > guest information.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the manual on common settings and flow definitions.

(3) Once all fields are completed, a 100% indicator will appear, and the checkbox next to the guest's name will be activated. Check this box and then press 'Next'.

(This process is the same if all required fields were pre-filled during pre-check-in, resulting in a 100% completion display.)

(4) Identity Verification

  • Photo Capture

For self-check-in, if photo identification is required, take the photo at this step.

Tapping on the section for a personal photo will activate the camera.

If photo capture is not required for front desk check-in, you can disable the local photo capture verification setting via the management console at:


When you tap on the signature section, the signature screen will appear. During actual check-in, you will collect the guest's signature on this screen. Only the first person is required to sign, so the signature screen will not appear for subsequent guests if there are multiple guests.

Once you receive the signature, save it.

Press the confirmation button to complete the check-in process.

(5) Display of Room Information

Once check-in is completed, the room number will be displayed. For properties integrated with IoT locks, the PIN code will also be shown.

5. POS Settings Operation Test:

If POS settings have already been configured, verify that reservations and orders can be executed as set up on the tablet.

Screen Pinning Setup

*This instruction is applicable only for Lenovo 10-inch tablets.

For self-check-in at the front desk and room installations, it is recommended to pin the screen to prevent unwanted guest interactions. Once connected to Wi-Fi, follow the steps below to pin the screen.

To unpin the screen or when operating apps other than AirHost ONE, use the following method. Screen pinning will automatically disable if the tablet restarts, so you will need to reapply the settings.

※こちらは Lenovo 10インチタブレット購入の場合のみご対応ください。




またAirHost ONEのアプリ以外を操作する際は、下記方法にて固定解除が可能です。また電源が切れて再起動する場合は自動的に固定解除となりますので、再度固定設定をしてください。

How to Pin the Screen:

Launch the AirHost ONE app and press the square navigation button at the bottom of the screen.

Long-press the AirHost ONE app from the recently opened apps shown.

Tap 'Pin' when the option appears to set the screen pinning.

Press 'Yes' to complete the setup.

How to Unpin the Screen:

Press and hold the back (◀) and square (■) buttons at the same time to unpin the screen.

Tablet Malfunction and Repair:

After setup and operational tests, we regretfully cannot offer replacements or alternative devices for tablets that malfunction or need repair.

For contingency, it is recommended to order at least two units per location to ensure no disruption in local operations.

For any tablet issues or repairs, please contact the manufacturer directly. Our company does not provide warranties for the tablet hardware.

Lenovo Smart Center (Tablet Support):

*For users with a 10-inch tablet purchased after December 2021:

Phone: 0120-994-244

From mobile: 0570-045-077

Huawei Contact:

*For users with an 8-inch tablet purchased before December 2021:

  • Huawei Call Center: 0120-798-288

  • Huawei VIP+ Service Call Center: 0120-680-288 (Available 9:00-20:00 | In Japanese)

Costs for Re-setup:

  • Shipping: All costs borne by the user

  • Tablet re-setup fee: 8,000 JPY per unit (including tax)

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