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【Tablet】Switching from Old Check-In to AirHost ONE App
【Tablet】Switching from Old Check-In to AirHost ONE App
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago

[ Overview ]

This manual explains the steps to switch from the old AirHost Check-In tablet app to the AirHost ONE app.

[ Details ]

App Installation:

Open the Google folder and launch the Play Store.

Enter the password "2929" to unlock the app lock.

Note: Lenovo models do not have an app lock. For unlocking the app pinning, please refer to the instructions provided.

Search for "airhost" and install the One Stay Tablet app.

Once downloaded, click 'Open'.

Click 'Agree' to accept the member terms.

Log in with the tablet-specific account email address and password provided at delivery.

Ensure the terms and conditions checkbox is checked.

From the first dropdown, select your facility; from the second dropdown, select 'Hotel homepage' and press SUBMIT.

Language switching can be found at the top right of the screen.

Granting App Permissions for Camera and Microphone:

Give the downloaded app camera and microphone permissions.

Open 'Settings' within the Google folder, go to Apps > One Stay Tablet (AirHost ONE app).

For Lenovo devices, select 'Apps & notifications' > One Stay Tablet (AirHost ONE app).

Tap on 'Permissions'.

Turn on the permissions for 'Camera' and 'Microphone'.

Organizing the Desktop:

Long-press the old check-in app (Airhost Checkin) and move it to the Google folder.

If completely unnecessary, uninstall it.

Long-press the AirHost One app and place it centrally on the bottom part of the screen.

This completes the app switch.

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