[Meal Management] Menu Creation
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By creating a meal menu that can be used at restaurants, bar lounges, room service, etc., users can order by themselves from their smartphones or tablets. Staff can use the same user interface to enter orders. All orders are linked to the kitchen view in real time, so you can easily manage everything from ordering to serving.


Creating Products (Physical Product / Product Package )

Meals and drinks displayed on the menu should be registered as 'Product' POS products offered by AirHost ONE. For creating course meals, 'Package Products' can be utilized. Refer to the content under 'Physical Product' and 'Product Package' in the help section for registration procedures.

[POS Settings] How to create a product

When registering products, setting tags like 'Drinks', 'Appetizers', etc., will be helpful for reviewing orders from the kitchen view.

Creating Services (Restaurant Menu / Room Service)

Create a menu to display the registered meals and drinks. The registration steps can be found under 'Restaurant Menu' / 'Room Service' in the help section.

Proceed to register the menu by categories. Select "Restaurant Menu" or "Room Service"

To allow non-hotel guests to use the restaurant, enable 'Guests without a reservation' under 'Who can book?'.

Linking to Delivery Locations

Menus created can also be placed on restaurant tables as QR codes. For methods on setting delivery locations, please refer to the help below.

To link the created menu to a delivery location, open the settings tab at the bottom of the page.

For methods on accepting orders from the menu, please refer to the help below.

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