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In the [Management Console] → [Property List] → [POS Settings], you can configure the functionalities available for managing the sales and reservations of various products and services. The POS system allows for managing reservations for specific times, such as dining hours.

The list of products is essentially the product master list where you can register the products and services you offer. The list of services defines the units of service provision, linking the products to be sold with each service, such as shops, restaurants, or optional tours.


Product List

There are four types of products:





Physical products, available for free or sale

Convenience store items, restaurant menus, room service menus

Reservation Services

Products specifying usage time, available for free or sale

Gym, restaurant, activities, hourly bicycle rentals


Physical products rented on a daily basis, available for free or sale

Ski equipment, baby beds, irons, humidifiers

Package Products

Under preparation Combining multiple products for sale

Under preparation Lunch sets, dinner courses

Service List

There are six types of service categories:

Each service type can link to different product items as categorized below:

Service Type


Product Examples

Linkable Product


Used for selling physical products like gift shops, convenience stores, or souvenir shops.

Souvenirs, bottled drinks, onigiri, sandwiches, snacks, ice cream

Goods, Package Products

Multi-Booking Service

Used for managing reservations and sales for single or multiple time slots.

Spa services, optional tour desks

Reservation Services

Room Service

Used for delivering meals and beverages to guest rooms.

Room service menu, beverages, anniversary cakes, fruits, flowers

Goods, Package Products

Rental Service

Used for services rented on a daily basis during the stay.

BBQ grills, baby beds, humidifiers, blankets


Restaurant Menu

Used for meal menus in restaurants and bars.

Curries, pizzas, pastas, ala carte menus Lunch sets, dinner courses Drinks, desserts

Goods, Package Products

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