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[POS Settings] How to create a Services
[POS Settings] How to create a Services
Written by Joelly See Toh
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This section explains how to create services. There are five types of service categories, and the creation process is the same for all. Before creating a service, it is necessary to have already created products. For instructions on creating products, please refer to the manual "POS Settings: Products".


How to create 5 basic types of services

Here we will use a shop as an example, but the creation process is the same for all categories except for single booking.

Start by clicking on [Add New Service] in the top right corner of the screen.

  1. Select the Service Type

Select "A Shop" and click "Next Step".

2. ​​Enter Basic Information

All the basic information fields are mandatory.

Internal Name: Set a name for internal use.

Service Name and Description: These will be displayed on the guest page.

Default language is English, so add tabs for Japanese and other languages as needed.

Service photos will also be displayed on the guest page.

Refer to the specified page for data types and sizes to upload your images properly.

​3. Adding Categories (Service Menu)

Click on +Add Category, enter the category name, and press Enter to finalize the category.

Subcategories can also be added in the same way. If no subcategories are necessary, can straight "Add Products"

Click on "Add Product" to see linkable products, then check and add them.

4. Enter Additional Information

Input shop information.

Mandatory: Phone number.

Optional: Business Address, email, additional information.

5. Settings

"Who can book?" select "Guest with a Reservation" only if you want to restrict reservations to only be allowed when using the app, or select "All" if no restrictions are required.

For products or tours sold only at the counter and not visible to guests, set to "Hotel Staff" only for booking by hotel staff only. Otherwise, select "All".

Quick Booking- If you require approval from the facility when making a reservation, set "Quick Booking" to "No." Select "Yes" if it is not particularly necessary.

Checkout Setting

Client Payment Methods - This setting will decide what payment methods are available for guests to checkout an order. (Charge to room is only available for guest with a reservation)

Notification Setting

Enable this option if you want your guests to receive notifications after creating an order.

Press "Done" to finish creating the shop.

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