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[Meal management] How to use kitchen view
[Meal management] How to use kitchen view
Written by Joelly See Toh
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All orders from the restaurant menu and room service can be monitored through Kitchen View. This feature allows you to check notes from dining staff and mark individual items as completed.


Kitchen view page structure

Open from “Dashboard” → “Kitchen View”. All ongoing orders can be viewed here as order cards. 

Each order card displays the staff's username in the top left corner if set; otherwise, a "Take This Order" button appears for setting it.

The elapsed time since order receipt is displayed in the top right corner, with orders that have been waiting longer shown first.

The number of each item is displayed on the left side of each product.

Tags assigned to each item are also displayed under the product name.

After completing each preparation and serving, you can mark it as complete by checking the checkbox on the right.

Checked items will have a strikethrough and appear grayed out.

Filters can be used to narrow down the displayed services or tag types.

"+ Staff Memo" allows you to enter notes for the kitchen.

"View Details" allows you to view order details.

"Edit Order Details" allows you to make changes to the order.

From the actions in the top right corner, you can also cancel the order. "View Booking Details" allows you to view the details of the lodging reservation.

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