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[Auto Message] Setting Message Content
[Auto Message] Setting Message Content
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This section explains how to set up automatic messages. You can set up automatic messages in two stages: general settings that apply to all properties, and individual settings specific to each property. Begin with the general settings, followed by the individual settings.


General Settings

Set the content for the general automatic messages that apply to all properties.

Navigate to [Admin Console] -> [AutoMessage (Common)].

There are eleven types of automatic messages available. Click [Edit] on the message if you wish to send and proceed to edit the content.

You can set the timing of the message delivery and exclude certain OTAs from receiving messages.

Messages set to be sent a certain number of days before check-in can be configured to be sent only after payment.

You can edit the message content for each language.

Tag Settings

This function allows you to insert information according to the content such as reservation information.

Extra Memo

If a "Extra Memo" tag is inserted in the general settings, it can be edited individually for each property. The content set in the individual settings will be inserted into the "Extra Memo" tag when the automatic message is sent.

Go to [Property List] -> [Relevant Property] -> [Settings] -> [Auto Message].

Additionally, you can enable automatic sending for the messages you want to send for that property by activating them within the general settings that have been enabled.

This setup ensures that each property can have customized messages that meet its specific needs, enhancing guest communication.

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