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[Facility Setup] Creating Parent-Child Listings (Connecting Rooms)
[Facility Setup] Creating Parent-Child Listings (Connecting Rooms)
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This section outlines the steps for setting up connecting rooms in hotels, whole-building rentals and room rentals, room and bed rentals, etc., where specific rooms are linked to synchronize inventory automatically.

This feature is part of the premium package.


Creating Parent-Child Listings (Connecting Rooms)

In the example below, there is a room type "Chartering a whole room" that includes the room "Chartering a whole room", and four rooms (Beds 1–4) under the room type "Dormitory". The four rooms (Beds 1–4) are linked as child rooms to "Chartering a whole room", which is set as the parent room. If any room under "Dormitory" is booked, "Chartering a whole room" is automatically blocked, and if "Chartering a whole room" is booked, the four rooms under "Dormitory" are automatically blocked.

  1. Create the parent room (connecting room) room type as a regular room type.

Room Type & Room Creation Procedure: Refer to the help section below. [Facility Setup] Creating a New Facility

2. Create the parent room (connecting room) and, in the "Edit Room" section, turn on "Is this a Composed Room?" and add the desired child rooms.

3. The parent-child listing is completed.

When a reservation is made for a linked room, blocks are automatically set, and inventory is automatically synchronized.


  • License Requirements: Creating a parent room (connecting room) requires a license for the necessary number of rooms. Please check your current license count before proceeding. License Confirmation/Change Page:

  • IoT Lock Integration: If using IoT lock integration and you want the same lock code issued for rooms linked as parent and child, please link the IoT lock device to the child rooms. When a reservation is made for the parent room, a PIN code for the child rooms will be created. IoT lock providers that support this feature include:

  • Risk of Double Booking: Using the connecting room feature to sell combined inventory (A + B) and individual inventory (A and B) simultaneously increases the risk of double bookings. Although AirHost PMS will automatically adjust the inventory of the other when one is booked, reservation sites like and the AirHost PMS booking engine that allow booking multiple room types at the same time can lead to simultaneous bookings of combined (A + B) and individual (A and B) inventories. When selling on these reservation sites, please ensure there is sufficient individual inventory (e.g., in addition to A and B, there are also C, D of the same room type). If the risk is deemed unacceptable, please consider not selling connecting rooms on these reservation sites.

  • Cleaning Management for Same-Day Check-Ins: Since parent-child listings are separate rooms, cleaning tasks are created for the room with the reservation. For example, if the parent room of a whole-building rental checks out and there is a reservation for a child room on the same day, the same-day check-in will not be displayed on the cleaning task for the whole-building rental.

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