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In the [Management Console] → [Property List] → [Check-In Settings] → [Promotion Banner], you can set up features for displaying banners. This includes prominently showcasing services such as "POS Services" or "Custom Menus." For instance, you can promote specific services like "Anniversary Surprises," "Tour Bookings," or "Room Upgrades" even before the guest's arrival. When displayed in fullscreen, you can configure settings while viewing how it will appear on a guest's mobile screen on the right side of the screen.


Banner Editing

Open [Management Console] → [Property List] → [Check-In Settings] → [Common Settings] → [Promotion Banner]. This feature can be used for various purposes, not only for upselling but also for booking meal times or announcing events.

Link Type Setting

Choose the Banner type.

Link Item Setting

Select the item you want to promote from the list and set it up as a linked item.

Image Upload

Upload the banner photo to be displayed in the main menu.

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