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【Check-In】Setting Up AI Facial Recognition
【Check-In】Setting Up AI Facial Recognition
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This guide explains how to enable AI facial recognition as an identity verification method during self-check-in. Please note that using the AI facial recognition feature requires an AirHost ONE [Premium] license.


Step 1: Set Up Check-In Devices

You need to specify which devices will be allowed for check-in.

Go to [Admin Console] → select your facility → [CheckIn Setting] → [CheckIn Flow] → [Can Checkin ?] and turn on the settings. Choose whether to allow check-ins only on site tablets, or if guest's smartphones are permitted for self-check-in, based on operational needs.

Step 2: Configure Guest Information Form

AI facial recognition at check-in will compare a photo from a domestic guest's ID or a selfie taken in advance, and for international guests, a passport photo with their face upon arrival. Therefore, you must enable the collection of the following two items in the guest information form:

Go to [Admin Console] → select your facility → [CheckIn Setting] → [CheckIn Flow] → [Fill in Guest Information]:

For domestic guests: Set 'ID or Selfie' as a mandatory field and save. For international guests: Set 'Copy of Your Passport' as a mandatory field and save.

Step 3: Set Check-In Confirmation Items

To configure items to be confirmed at check-in, follow these settings:

Go to [Admin Console] → select your facility → [CheckIn Setting] → [CheckIn Flow]

Enable [Additional Verification at Checkin] and click [Configure Additional Verification Form].

You will be directed to the page to configure ID verification details: Set 'Selfie at Property' as mandatory and save.

Step 4: Enable AI Facial Recognition

An on/off switch for AI facial recognition will appear.

Turn it on, set the threshold for authentication and check-in permissions, and save to complete the setup.

Health Department Explanation Material

If you need to explain the AI facial recognition system to health authorities, please use the materials available at the following link:

Please note that compliance with AI facial recognition varies by region and obtaining permission is not guaranteed. It is recommended to confirm with the relevant authorities before proceeding.

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