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In the [Management Console] → [Property List] → [Check-In Settings] → [Common Settings] → [Custom Menu], you can configure features that aggregate essential information you want to deliver to guests within the main menu. This includes custom content such as unique hotel content deployed on existing homepages, in-house guides, local tourist information, and event announcements.


Common Settings

Click the edit icon in [Check-In Settings] → [Common Settings] → [Custom Menu] to toggle the display on or off using the "Enable" ON/OFF switch. Edit the display content by clicking on [Set Custom Menu].

Select an Icon

Choose an icon to display on the menu.

Menu Types (POS Services, POS Menu, URL, PDF)

Select the type of menu you want to display (POS Services, POS Menu, URL, PDF).

  • POS Services

    Link to individual services that are enabled in [POS Settings] → [Services].

  • POS Menu

    Connect to units defined in [POS Settings] → [POS Menu].


    You can upload a PDF or provide a URL for the page you want to display. Menu labels can be set in different languages.

[About URL format]

For security reasons, only HTTPS links are supported. HTTP is often flagged by many browsers due to security concerns. If changing the format of the target page's URL is challenging, please use a URL conversion service like Bitly (https://bitly.com/).

Select Display Devices

Activate the checkboxes for the devices where you want the menu to appear.

Set Display Period

If the display is to be time-limited, specify the date range.

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