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【Cleaning Management】Setting Up Cleaning Operations
【Cleaning Management】Setting Up Cleaning Operations
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This section explains how to manage cleaning operations within your facility. You can register multiple cleaners, assign them to specific facilities, and set up automatic notifications for cleaning schedules. The setup can be tailored whether you have in-house cleaners or you outsource cleaning services.


Adding Cleaners

Add users for cleaners or cleaning companies. Creating cleaner-specific user accounts allows for the assignment of cleaning tasks, automatic notifications, and reporting of cleaning completions.

For instructions on adding users, refer to:

Note: Cleaners must be associated with the facility they are assigned to clean.

Cleaners will only have access to their assigned cleaning tasks when logged into their accounts and cannot use other menus.

Setting a Dedicated Cleaner

If you have only one cleaner or if all cleaning responsibilities are outsourced to a third-party service, you can set them as dedicated cleaners for a facility. This allows all cleaning tasks for that facility to be automatically assigned to them.

For step-by-step instructions, please refer to this video:

Automatic Notifications for Cleaning Tasks

By default, a reminder email is sent to the assigned cleaner the day before a scheduled cleaning.

You can customize the notification content by navigating to [Cleaning Management] -> [Cleaning Notification], and clicking the 'Edit' icon at the top right. The content of the messages can be reviewed by clicking the 'View' icon next to the 'Edit' icon.

To enable additional notifications besides the "Tomorrow Cleaning Task Reminder" go to [Cleaning Management] -> [Setting].

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