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[IoT Rock] Smart Lock & Key Box Integration
[IoT Rock] Smart Lock & Key Box Integration
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This section explains the integration with smart locks and key boxes such as RemoteLOCK, KeyCafe, Linkey, and Keyvox. By using APIs, AirHost can automate most of the operational processes with these IoT devices.


What can be automated during integration?

AirHost automates most operations by integrating with smart locks and key boxes such as RemoteLOCK, KeyCafe, Linkey, and Keyvox through APIs. The following processes can be automated:

  • Creating PIN codes: Automatically generate PIN codes aligned with the guest’s check-in and out times upon reservation confirmation.

  • Cancelling PIN codes: Automatically cancel existing PIN codes when a reservation is cancelled.

  • Updating PIN codes: Update the validity period of PIN codes when there are changes in check-in and out times due to reservation modifications.

  • Recreating PIN codes: For changes in room assignments, cancel the original PIN code and recreate it for the new room.

  • Automating guest notifications: Use automatic messaging to inform guests about their PIN codes.

  • Display at check-in: Show room numbers and PIN codes on mobile or tablet devices when check-in is completed.

Adding an IoT Lock Account

To start integration, add an IoT lock account to AirHost. Follow the detailed help sections for specific instructions:

Linking Rooms/Beds to Devices

Navigate to [Management Console] > [IoT Lock] and click on the IoT account name. Edit settings for each IoT lock device displayed:

Press the [+ Add] button to link this device to rooms or beds.

Choose the property, room type, and room/bed from the dropdown menu and save your changes.

Once linked, you can view the status, usage, and timing of PIN codes by clicking on each device name in the list.

For guidelines on how to automatically notify guests about their PIN codes, please consult:

Each reservation automatically generates one unique PIN

AirHost supports automation where each reservation equals one PIN. Manual extensions in the IoT system cannot reassign an existing reservation's PIN to another booking. If an extension requires a separate booking, a new PIN will be issued, and guests should use this new PIN. Adjustments may be necessary to the original reservation’s checkout time if there is downtime between the original checkout and the new check-in times.

For reservations in rooms with sub-rooms

In cases such as connecting rooms or entire properties with multiple connected units, when a reservation is made for the main room, PIN codes will be generated for each sub-room linked to the IoT system. If the devices support it, the same PIN can be assigned to all doors for guest convenience. Devices that do not support this feature will create different PINs. Devices capable of specifying PINs include RemoteLOCK and KEYVOX (Blockchain Lock).

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