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[Owner management] Allow owners to log in to the system
[Owner management] Allow owners to log in to the system
Written by Joelly See Toh
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[ overview ]

If you want to allow an owner to log in to the system and view owner statements, you need to create a property owner user and link it to the owner. Here are the steps.

1. Create a Property Owner user.

2. Link the Property Owner user to the owner.

3. Grant permission for the owner to log in to the system.

4. Enable access for the owner to view the owner's statement.


Creating a Property Owner User

The translation to English is:

Please refer to the following procedure for adding users under "User Management" for adding or removing users.

Select Property Owner for the policy group.

Settings for linking to the owner

Link the created client user to the owner.

Open [Admin Console] → [CRM] → [Property Owners] and set the linkage by editing the corresponding owner.

When you log into AirHost as a Property Owner user, you can view the applicable owner statement and contract details.

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