Facility Setup: Creating a New Facility
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Learn how to create a facility through the "Manage Console" → "Facility List" → "Create Facility" button. The setup process will guide you through "Facility Information", "Room Type", and "Room" settings.


Setting Up Facility Information:

Begin by setting up your "Facility Information". Not all fields are mandatory initially; you can proceed with the creation and update these details later.

Start by clicking the "Create Facility" button in [Manage Console] → [Facility List].

Select "New property from scratch" and click Next Step button if you don't have any OTA channel connected. If you have already added any OTA channel, select "Import a property from OTA channel" and choose channel and property to import. "Import a property from OTA channel" will import some property information from channel to help you enter property information easier.

* If your property is vacation rental type property having only one inventory, it's recommended to import from Airbnb channel if available.

* If your property is hotel type property having multiple inventories, it's recommended to import from OTAs such as Booking.com, Expedia.

Enter a "Name" that will be displayed within the PMS.

Enter the address and verify it on the map. "Building Name" and "Facility Tags" are optional.

Note: Facility Tags, such as "Tokyo" or "Osaka", can be used for filtering among multiple facilities by region and can be set up later.

Select a "Facility Type" based on the type of inventory managed. For instance, choose 'Hotel' even if the facility is an apartment managing more than one unit.

Note: Once set, "Facility Type" cannot be changed. If you encounter issues, please contact the support desk.


At least 2 rooms in the inventory


Only one room in the inventory (e.g., single-building rentals or private accommodations)

For the "Facility Settings", set up names and descriptions in different languages (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean) that will appear on the guest pages.

Note: The name set here will appear on guest pages, whereas "Facility Name" is used within the PMS.

[Time Zone]

Select 'Osaka' for facilities within Japan.


Set the language for invoices and receipts.

[Booking Acceptance Period]

Set how far in advance bookings can be sold, updated daily. For example, if selling up to three months ahead, choose 90 days.

[Block Days Before/After Each Reservation]

Use this setting if you need a certain number of days blocked off before and after each stay, common in vacation rentals. Set this to 0 if no block days are needed.

[Access Guide]

Set up the text for the [Instruction] tag used in automated messages, such as the URL for the access guide.


Set up the content for the [Signature] tag used in automated messages, which appears as the signature at the bottom of the messages.

Click "Next" to proceed to the "Room Type" settings.

Setting Up Room Type:

You can adjust "Room Types" here (editable after registration). By default, a "Standard Room" type is added, which you can edit using the "..." button.

Change the "Internal Name" from the default "Standard Room". Set room type names for guest pages in different languages below.

[Booking Style]

Choose between "Overnight" or "Day Use".

[Room Style]

Select from "Regular Room", "Dormitory", or "Connecting Room". Usually, select "Regular Room" unless it's a hostel or dormitory type.


Set the default check-in and check-out times for this room type.

Add additional room types by clicking "Add Room Type in Bulk".

After setting all room types, click "Next" to set up "Rooms".

[ Capacity ]

Enter the maximum occupancy for accommodation.

[ Bedrooms ]

Set the number of bedrooms.

[ Bathrooms ]

Set the number of bathrooms.

[ Room Size ]

Enter the room size in square meters.

[ Minimum Price ]

Set the minimum price for rate synchronization with OTAs and booking engines.

[ Cleaning Fee ]

Set this if a cleaning fee is charged separately from the accommodation fee (set to 0 if the cleaning fee is included in the room rate).

[ Bed Configuration ]

Set the types and quantities of beds available.

After setting all room types, click "Next" to set up "Rooms".

Room Setup:

Set up rooms linked to each room type. By default, each room type has one room created with room number 101. Edit this using the "..." button.

Adjust the room number.

[Key Information URL]

Set the text for the [key] tag, used in automated messages to provide key pick-up instructions per room (useful for vacation rentals).

[Room Manual]

Set the text for the [room_manual] tag, used in automated messages to provide specific instructions per room.

[Does this room have sub-rooms?]

Enable this for inventories like connecting rooms, specifying included rooms. If a booking is made for the sub-room, the main room's inventory closes, and vice versa.

Add additional rooms in bulk by clicking "Add Rooms in Bulk" and entering room numbers.

The newly created facility will be added to the facility list. Clear any set filters to view it properly.

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