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[Facility Settings] Creating Last-Minute and Early Bird Discount Plans
[Facility Settings] Creating Last-Minute and Early Bird Discount Plans
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago


This guide explains how to create "Last Minute" and "Early Booking" discount plans, assuming a basic rate plan already exists. These special rate plans will have limited booking dates.


Procedure for Creating Last Minute and Early Booking Discounts

For the usual rate plan creation procedure, please refer to the following help document:

Start creating your rate plan from [Management Console] → [Property List] → [Channel Manager] → [Rate Plans] → [Create a Rate Plan].

Select [Create as a New Rate Plan].

After entering the plan name and description, choose [Base on one of my current rate plan] and select the plan that will serve as the basis for the discount.

Set the discount amount by choosing [Cheaper] and specifying the discount rate. Here, it's possible to specify a fixed amount reduction such as "Cheaper (Expensive) XX yen" instead of a percentage.

Editing the Created Plan

From the rate plan list, open the edit screen for the plan you created.

In the [Settings] section, edit [When can Guests book this plan].

  • For last-minute discounts, select [Can book within xx day(s) from check-in(last-minute bookings)] and specify the number of days.

  • For early booking discounts, select [Can book until xx day(s) before check-in(early birds)] and specify the number of days.

▼ You now have a plan that offers a 50% discount for last-minute bookings only.

Once you've created the rate plan, map it to the respective OTA plans you want to synchronize with.

For details on how to map rate plans, please refer to the help page:

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