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[Rate Management] How to Use the Rate Calendar
[Rate Management] How to Use the Rate Calendar
Written by Takashi Obatake
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This section explains the "Rate Management" page on the dashboard. On this page, you can synchronize rates with various OTAs and booking engines, and manage settings for sales and sales suspension. Changes to rates follow the settings configured under "Management Console" → "Facility List" → "Channel Manager" → "Channel Settings" and are synchronized accordingly to each OTA.

By selecting "All Facilities" from the facility selection at the top left, you can manage the rates for all facilities in one consolidated rate calendar.


Direct Editing of Rates from the Calendar:

You can directly edit rates within the rate calendar. This allows for easy modification of rates for specific dates.

Note that rates linked to other rate plans cannot be edited directly; you must edit the source rate.

Steps for Direct Rate Editing:

Batch Editing:

You can edit rates by facility and room type. This is convenient when you want to batch edit multiple dates and rate plans for situations such as:

  • Editing rates for specific weekdays over a certain period

  • Stopping sales for specific rate plans

Steps for Batch Editing:

Setting Rates by Rate Tier:

Instead of directly setting rates in the rate calendar, you can adjust rates using rate tiers.

You can enable or disable rate tiers for each rate plan. If rate tiers are disabled, you can use direct editing or batch editing as the default action in the rate calendar. Conversely, if rate tiers are enabled, you can no longer directly edit rates in the rate calendar; only changes to the rate tiers are possible.

The activation of rate tiers and the setting of rates for each tier are done in the "Management Console." (If the applicable rate tier has not yet been created, add a rate plan.)

Note that once rate tiers are activated, the "Default Rate" becomes the setting for tier 1.

Once rate tiers are enabled, they cannot be disabled. If you want to revert to direct editing, you must create a new rate plan.

Steps for Activating Rate Tiers and Setting Rates for Each Tier:

Once rate tiers are activated, by default, all dates are set to tier 1. You can change the rate tier for each date from the rate calendar.

Steps for Setting Rate Tiers:

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