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[Channel] Taking reservations / checking stock availability.
[Channel] Taking reservations / checking stock availability.
Written by Takashi Obatake
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[ Summary ]

After linking a channel to a newly managed establishment, this section describes the steps taken to ensure that bookings are properly captured and that the inventory information is correct.

[ Detail ]

Ensure that bookings are captured in the booking calendar and that the stock information is correct.

 Check that booking information has been imported from each channel and that the bookings have been properly imported into the 'Dashboard' > 'Booking calendar'. Check that all bookings have been successfully imported and displayed and that the number of remaining stock is correct. Click on each booking to open the booking details page. Please check the content there as well.

Adjustment of stock numbers

If there are bookings that cannot be captured due to some problem, manually add or temporarily block them to prevent overbooking. Delete them once the bookings have been captured from the channel.

For instructions on how to 'Add manual bookings', see here:

The room is also blocked if it is unavailable for a period of time, e.g. for maintenance.

See here for 'Room blocking procedure':

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