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[Channel] Creating and Synchronizing the 'Vacation Stay' Channel
[Channel] Creating and Synchronizing the 'Vacation Stay' Channel
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This section provides instructions on how to create a channel through [Management Console] → [Channels] → [Add Channel] button. It also outlines the specifications and important points regarding synchronization.


Requesting Integration with Vacation Stay

To integrate AirHost with Vacation STAY, you must submit the "AirHost × Vacation STAY Integration Request Form" to Vacation STAY.

AirHost × Vacation STAY Integration Request Form:

After submission, you will receive a "Cooperation Account" from Vacation STAY. Use this account to proceed with adding the channel in AirHost PMS.

Channel Creation Procedure

Add each Vacation Stay account as a separate channel in AirHost. If a property has already been added to an existing account in AirHost, there is no need to create a new channel. Instead, perform "Channel Refresh for Property Import".

For the channel creation procedure, please refer to this video:

Channel Refresh for Property Import

When properties are added to a Vacation Stay account, refreshing the channel can import these properties.

For the operation procedure, please refer to this video:

After a few minutes, refreshing the list will confirm that the properties have been added.

Synchronization of Messages

Messages are sent to the email address listed in the reservation information.

About OTA Fees

Currently, reservation information provided from the Vacation Stay API does not include OTA fees. Thus, the OTA fee amount is always shown as zero. Please wait for updates to the Vacation Stay API for this issue.

For "Hotel Product", add "OTA Fee" and other "Adjustment Amount" items, and adjust negative charges per reservation as needed.

Reservation Availability Period

For Rakuten Vacation Stay, calendar openings prioritized by AirHost may lead to no changes during the calendar update on the 25th of each month as they are already open.

The calendar is kept open by AirHost, so if a booking is made through another linked OTA, AirHost will block that period.

Setting Maximum Occupancy

The site for Rakuten Vacation STAY specifies a maximum occupancy of 15 guests. Therefore, when linking with Rakuten Vacation STAY, the number of guests (maximum occupancy) set on each listing's room detail page and the number of guests that the base rate accommodates in each rate plan must be set to 15 or less.

Property Registration on Vacation Stay

If multiple rooms (including non-public and rejected rooms) are set up in a Vacation Stay property, there could be synchronization issues. Please delete any non-public or rejected rooms.

Vacation Stay's Manual

For various settings and iCal integration, please also check the manual provided by Vacation Stay.

iCal (iCalendar) Integration:

Example from the manual:

AirHost PMS integration and iCal integration cannot be used simultaneously.

If you start integrating with AirHost PMS while iCal integration is still active in Rakuten LIFULL/Vacation STAY, inconsistencies such as inventory discrepancies will occur, so please ensure to disconnect iCal integration before starting with AirHost PMS.

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