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[Payment Management] Setting Up Stripe Integration
[Payment Management] Setting Up Stripe Integration
Written by Takashi Obatake
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Here’s the English translation for the FAQ entry:


By utilizing Stripe integration, various payments can be automated as follows:

  • Authorization and processing of card information received from OTAs (supports, Agoda, Expedia,, Traveloka, Vrbo,

  • Payments for reservations made through the AirHost Booking Engine

  • Payments for upsells

We will explain the setup steps.

Note: To use Stripe integration, it is necessary to purchase the option.


Adding a Stripe Account

Add a Stripe account from [Payment Accounts]. After adding the account, enable it via the edit option. At this point, you will be redirected to the Stripe page, where you will need to log in and authorize Stripe. Complete this to activate your account.

For automating authorization and payments for card information provided by OTAs like , set it as "Preferred Channel Type."

For additional steps, please refer to the following video

Linking the Stripe Account to a Facility

Link the added Stripe account to the facility where you want to use it.

For steps, please refer to the following video:

Detailed Payment Method Settings

Specify the payment account to be used for payments via the Booking Engine or, etc., and set the timing of the payment (setting it to 0 means payment will be processed on the morning of check-in).

Verifying Stripe Payments from the Reservation Details Page

You can check the status of the Stripe payment linked from the reservation details page.

The procedure to verify a Stripe payment (Authorized) can be found in the following video:

If the payment is completed, it will be displayed as follows:

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