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[Meal Management] Setting Up Meal-Inclusive Rate Plans
[Meal Management] Setting Up Meal-Inclusive Rate Plans
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago


This guide outlines the steps to set up meal options and types within each rate plan. By specifying included meals for each rate plan, you can easily monitor daily meal counts through the check-in management page and reports.


Setting 'With or Without Meals'

Navigate in the [Management Console] to [Property List] > [Channel Manager] > [Rate Plans]. Open the 'Edit Rate Plan' menu for the relevant rate plan.

Click 'Edit' in the 'Settings' section to configure the 'Meal Plan'.

Once saved, the settings can be reviewed on the list side, with breakfast indicated as "B", lunch as "L", and dinner as "D".

Setting 'Type of Meals'

In the management console, go to Hotel Products > 'Add New Hotel Product' to register each type of meal, such as 'Japanese', 'Western', or 'Breakfast Buffet'.

Type = Charge

Category = Meals

Navigate back to Property List > Select Property > Channel Manager > Rate Plans > Edit the relevant plan to link the created hotel product with the rate plan.

Config Meal Plan: ON

Meals served according to room

Under 'Daily Meals' for adults' breakfast, select the created hotel product and save.

This completes the setup.

Additionally, linking the meal plan with hotel products allows you to filter by 'Type' in the Front Office Daily Report to check the quantity of meals. Utilize this feature for aggregating meal counts.

Front Office Daily Report screen: Reports > Performance Reports > Front Office Daily Report

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