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[Dynamic Pricing] Setting Up Automatic Discounts
[Dynamic Pricing] Setting Up Automatic Discounts
Written by Takashi Obatake
Updated over a week ago


Utilizing "AirHost Automatic Discounts" allows for the application of automatic discounts to accommodation rates up to 45 days in advance, based on occupancy rates. While the conditions for occupancy rates and the discount rates are set at the account level, it is possible to enable or disable the application for each room type.


Setting Up Automatic Discounts

From [Management Console] > [Company Settings] > [Discount Settings], you can set the discount conditions and rates.

Please refer to the following video for the procedure:

Applying Discounts by Room Type

Navigate to [Management Console] > [Property List] > [Relevant Facility] > [Channel Manager] > [Dynamic Pricing] to set this up.

Note: Discounts do not reflect immediately. They are applied at 4:00 AM the following day.

The procedure can be viewed in the following video:

Once automatic discounts are applied, a "%" icon appears on the pricing calendar. By hovering over this icon, you can also check the applied discount rate.

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