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[Reservation management] Check-in management
[Reservation management] Check-in management
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[ overview ]

We will explain the functions that can be set in [Dashboard] → [Checkin Management].

When displayed in full screen, you can make settings while checking the display image of the guest's mobile screen on the right side of the screen.


About the “Check-in management” page

The "Check-in Management" page provides the functions necessary for daily check-in and check-out operations.

A list of reservations is displayed in the center of the page, and you can search and confirm reservations that are currently available for check-in and check-out. By clicking on the reservation name link, the reservation details will be displayed on the right side of the screen. In the reservation details, you can check basic reservation information, room information, payment status, check-in status, POS purchase details, etc.

You can switch the reservation target to be displayed from "Check-in date", "Check-out date", and "Accommodation date". You can change the target date by changing the date immediately to the right. Furthermore, you can search for reservations by reservation number, guest name, etc. from the search box on the right.

You can set the sort order by setting "Sort" on the right side of the screen, and you can narrow down the displayed reservations by "Booking status" or "Check-in status" by setting "Filter".

How to operate during check-in/check-out

To confirm the corresponding check-in/check-out reservation, make sure that the "Check-in date" or "Check-out date" is set, and that the date is set to the current date. If the number of reservations is small, search for reservations visually. If there are many reservations, search by reservation number or guest name. Click on the reservation name to open the reservation details.

You can check the reservation summary at the top of the screen. From "View OTA orders", you can check the details of reservation information from OTA (or booking engine/manual creation). If you want to add or link the guest to her CRM, click "Add to CRM".

At the bottom of the screen, you can check and operate information for each room. If you are booking multiple rooms, switch from the list to confirm.

In "Room Info", you can check and edit the guest name, number of people, room number, check-in status, etc. for each room.

When manually canceling a reservation, you can update it from the "Booking Status".

Guest information reflects the information entered during pre check-in. Enter any additional notes if necessary.

After completing check-in/check-out, change the "Check-in status" from "More Options" -> "Edit" and save.

"Check-in information" displays the check-in code, check-in PIN code, and check-in QR code. You can also scan this QR code on your AirHost ONE tablet.

You can check and fill in information on the guest list by clicking the "Check-in" button.

Under "Balance", you can check the total, paid, and unpaid amounts. You can add and settle charges using the "Transaction" button.

You can add billing items from "Add transaction".

You can record your payment from "Record a Payment".

You can print a receipt by clicking "Print".

In "POS Order", you can check the order details from the POS menu.

In "Guest Remark", you can save content that you would like to share with staff.

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