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About cancelling the channel links
About cancelling the channel links
Written by Joelly See Toh
Updated over a week ago

Note: If you remove the link, any reservations received from that channel will be deleted!

To cancel a channel link, the link destination is displayed for each room type in the property's "Channel Manager" → "Channel Settings". Click "Unlink" from the pull-down menu of the icon on the right side of the OTA. Please select "Yes".

However, Airbnb is grayed out. If you first cancel PMS from the Airbnb management screen as shown below, you will be able to cancel it from the screen above.

1. Log in to Airbnb and open the "Airhost PMS Sync" page ( )

2.-1 Check the listings you want to stop synchronizing and click [Edit selected items in bulk].

2.-2 Select sync settings

2.-3 Select Disconnect and save (Please note that after this operation, the PMS connection with Airbnb will be terminated and prices and inventory will no longer be synchronized)

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