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[FAQ] I want to set the seasonality (Pricing Tier)
[FAQ] I want to set the seasonality (Pricing Tier)
Written by Joelly See Toh
Updated over a week ago

You can set the "Pricing Tier" by selecting the property in the "Admin Console" -> "Property List," then navigating to "Property Detail" -> "Channel Manager" -> "Rate Plan."

Within each rate plan, you can configure ranks from 1 to 10.

In the 'Pricing Management' section of the 'Dashboard,' when you assign ranks from 1 to 10 to the target pricing plan, the set prices will be reflected. The default price will be set to rank '1' in the pricing tiers.

From 'Bulk Pricing Tiers (All Room Types)' and 'Bulk Edit (Each Room Type),' you can specify a period and edit the pricing tiers collectively.

The pricing tiers for HMS and AirHost ONE are essentially the same, with shared plans. However, when you enable the 'Pricing Tiers' feature on the ONE side, it is a functionality not present on the HMS side. Therefore, the settings on the ONE side will be reflected. Please be aware that once this feature is turned on, it cannot be turned off. Please contact AirHost Support team if you want to turn it off.

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