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[Rate Management] How to Use Rate Templates
[Rate Management] How to Use Rate Templates
Written by Takashi Obatake
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Rate templates allow for the definition of daily rate fluctuations, such as during peak and off-peak seasons, in percentage (%) terms. You can create multiple rate templates for different regions. These templates can be applied at any time and to any target—be it all properties, individual properties, or specific room types—allowing for flexible and bulk rate setting.

Rates are calculated based on the standard rate set in each rate plan, which is considered 100%.

Additionally, when registering new properties, applying a suitable rate template can save time on rate setting.


Step 1: Creating a Rate Template

  1. On the dashboard, select [Rate Management] → [Rate Templates].

2. Click [Add New Template] → enter a name in [Name] → select [Save].

After setting up, the rate template's graph and calendar will be displayed.

3. On the calendar, select a date → enter [Name], [Date Range], and [Rate] for each, then select [Save].

  • Initially, all are set at [100%].

  • Select the period (e.g., cherry blossom season, festival period, autumn leaves season, dates/periods for live concerts, etc.)

  • Set the rate % (e.g., Peak season: 300-500%, Off-peak season: 60-80%).

③ カレンダー上で任意の日付を選択→[ 名前 ] [ 日付範囲 ] [ 料金 ] をそれぞれ入力し、 [ 保存 ]を選択します。

*はじめは、全て [ 100% ]で設定されています。

・期間を選択(ex. お花見シーズン、お祭り期間、紅葉シーズン、ライブ・コンサート等の日付・期間を基に手動で設定します。)

・料金%の設定(ex. 繁忙期:300-500% 、閑散期:60-80% 等の設定が可能です。)

*Note: Settings apply only to the selected date. If you intend to use the template repeatedly in subsequent years, you must enter it individually each time.

Step 2: Applying the Rate Template to Listings

  1. On the template's calendar page, select [Apply].

2. Choose the [Date Range], [Room Type], and [Rate Plan] you want to apply, and then select [Save].

The settings will now be displayed on the rate calendar.

  • The rates for the selected properties or room types will be overwritten in the respective rate calendar based on the template.

  • If you edit the template's percentage, you must apply it immediately; otherwise, it will not be reflected in the rate calendar. Please be aware of this.

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